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Time Management and Productivity Tips for Busy Guys

Time Management and Productivity Tips for Busy Guys

It slips through your hands. There's never enough. And you can never get it back.

Time can be cruel. It's why you should use the best anti aging products for men. Because sooner or later, the passage of time is going to take its toll on your skin.

But there are more problems to avoid than just bad aging effects. You can lose out on valuable time if you don't have solid time management skills.

Want to get more out of your day? Sick of wasting time when you could be taking advantage of every second? Here's how to do it.


Create Routines

Routine behaviors are easy to follow through on. They become second nature after a while. So you waste less time and effort on routine actions than you would on something out of the ordinary.

For example, feel like you're always in a rush in the morning? Create a routine that maximizes the limited time you have at the start of your day.


Wake up at the same time.

No matter when time you crawled into bed the night before, you should aim to wake up at the same time each morning. That way you're always off to the same start and your routine won't suffer.

Waking up at different times - or hitting the snooze button over and over again - won’t do you any good.


Be consistent.

A routine requires a specific set of actions. What do you do after you wake up?

Shower. Breakfast. Get dressed. Go. Or some combination of those.

Maybe you add reading the news, checking your email, or reviewing social media. Regardless, don't randomly mix up these activities. Do them in the same order each morning. You'll save time, feel more organized, and get more out of your morning.

Control Time Wasters

When do you lose the most time during the day? Before your lunch break? In the tired hours of the early afternoon?

If your time management gets zapped by the lull of the early afternoon, you need to prepare accordingly. Try these methods.


Set a 25 minute timer.

Focus on one task for that time. When it goes off, take a five minute break.


Get up and stretch.

Play a game quick game on your phone. Have a snack or coffee break. Then repeat the cycle. This helps boost productivity my honing your focus and giving you a reward to work for every 25 minutes. It’s a small adjustment, but it can be a powerful boost to your time management and productivity.


Put Your Phone Away

Your phone is an amazing tool for life, work, and fun. It's also your chief enemy in the battle for better time management.

It's got flashing updates, social alerts, and a never-ending stream of incoming emails and messages. Pay it mind and you'll never get anything else done.

To improve your time management, you need to untether yourself from your phone and focus on critical tasks.

There at apps that will lockdown your phone and track your time on it for you. But it's just as easy to put the thing on silent and stuff it in a drawer for an hour or so.

You'll be amazed by how much you can get done without your phone constantly buzzing at you. The separation anxiety can be tough at first, but you’ll grow to love how it helps you maximize your time and productivity.


Time Is on Your Side

Nobody feels like they have total control over their schedule. Everyone falls off their routine from time to time. If that happens to you, don’t beat yourself up about wasted time. Instead, learn from it.

That’s why it’s important to apply these tips each day. They will help you prevent a major breakdown of your schedule and productivity.

Every second of your day matters. That’s why Brickell offers easy and fast skincare routines for men. You don’t have time to waste on anything - whether it’s taking care of your skin, reading the latest news, or browsing the latest Twitter updates. You get the maximum value out of the minimum time investment.

Get time back on your side. Follow a regular routine that keeps you on productive and satisfied with your day.

Avoid needless distractions - especially from your phone. You’ll become a time management pro and will have to start giving out the tips to all your productivity-starved admirers.

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