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Why And How to Use Face Scrub for Men

Why Use a Face Scrub for Men?

Face scrub is one of the best products you can use in your arsenal of weapons for clear, healthy skin. We’ve discovered, however, that most men either overuse a face scrub or they don’t use one at all.

Both scenarios are not best case. Read on to learn how to use face scrub to get the best benefits.


Benefits of Face Scrub

1 - Removes Dead Skin Cells

Your skin is in a constant natural process of shedding and renewing itself. Dead skin cells are pushed to the outermost layer of your skin and are eventually eliminated. But you can speed up this renewal process and ensure you have a bright, fresh complexion by using face scrub for men.

The scrubbing particles exfoliate your skin, getting rid of the dull layer of dead skin cells that can distort your natural complexion. It’s like a buffing process - the result is bright, renewed skin. Exfoliating also promotes increased blood circulation to your skin, which gives you a natural, healthy glow.

Accumulated dead skin cells can clog your pores and make it harder for your skin to absorb moisturizers and other skincare products. So using face scrub regularly improves your skincare results overall.

Our Renewing Face Scrub is designed to effectively exfoliate men's thicker skin without causing irritation. Its scrubbing particles are made from jojoba beads and pumice - not abrasive fruit pits or plastic micro-beads. It doesn't just remove dead skin cells - it also restores moisture with aloe vera, avocado butter, and vitamin E.

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2 - Prevents Breakouts

Nobody wants to deal with acne - especially if you've already struggled with this all too common skin issue when you were younger. If you have oily or acne prone skin, exfoliating regularly is a must.

One of the key benefits of face scrub is that it digs the dirt, oil, bacteria, and other detritus out of your pores. That prevents the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria.

Keep in mind, a more aggressive scrub will not necessarily yield better results. You still want to go gentle on your skin, even while exfoliating. So there’s no need to scratch at your skin while applying face scrub. And more isn't better either - only use the amount recommended.

3 - Improves Your Shave

Ingrown hairs, razor burn, and shave irritation in general are all horrible. No guy wants to suffer through it - but too many do. You can eliminate those concerns thanks to another main benefit of using face scrub. It improves your shave by opening the pores, standing whiskers up and away from the skin, and allowing for a closer pass with your razor.

For the best results, wash and exfoliate your skin just before shaving. Use a clean, fresh razor and a natural shave cream for men - like our Smooth Brushless Shave Cream. When you’re done, follow up with an alcohol-free aftershave for men - our Instant Relief Aftershave soothes your skin with aloe, hyaluronic acid, and coconut. Stick to this routine and you’ll notice fewer ingrown hairs, reduced irritation, and an overall better shave experience. 

Even when you're using the right product, you need to use it the right way and with the proper frequency. The way you determine that all depends on your skin type. (If you don't know your skin type, this handy guide will help.


Man using face scrub at the bathroom sink.


Using Face Scrub for Normal and Oily Skin

If you have normal, oily, or combo type skin, you have the luxury of being able to exfoliate one to three times a week - and without negative consequence.

For guys with oily skin, face scrub can help prevent oil from building up in your pores. However, don’t overdo it or you could end up with irritated skin (never a good look).


Using Face Scrub for Dry and Sensitive Skin

If you have dry, sensitive, or acne prone skin, we recommend you only exfoliate once a week. On the day you use scrub, take it easy on your skin. You might be able to skip using face wash that day. And be sure to follow up with face moisturizer.


How to Use Face Scrub

One of the most common questions men have about exfoliating is, "Should I use cleanser or exfoliator first?" 

Fortunately, the answer is simple. Always start with face wash, then follow up with face scrub. And when you're done, finish with moisturizer for the most benefit.

So now that you know to use cleanser first, let's get down to nitty gritty (but not too gritty) of how to use face scrub.

Just like when you wash your face, rinse your face with warm water to open up the pores before you use our Renewing Face Scrub. Apply a dime sized amount to your skin and gently rub it, especially over the areas where your pores are most visible (usually your nose and forehead).

Remember to take it easy on the delicate skin on your face. It doesn’t take much to exfoliate it, so don’t scrub too hard.

If you're going to shave after using scrub, concentrate on the areas of your face you plan on shaving.

After you’re done, rinse your face with cool water to reduce the appearance of the pores and prevent any oil or impurities from getting back into them. Pat (don't rub) your face dry gently with a towel.



All Things in Moderation

Exfoliating is great for your skin. It will keep your pores clean, reduce the risk of breakouts, and improve your shaves. But don't forget the old adage: keep everything in moderation. It's true when it comes to using face scrub, and it just might be your personal secret to better skin.

Want to get the benefits of exfoliation beyond just your face? Try our Exfoliating Body Wash. Its gentle ingredients won't irritate your skin - but they are powerful enough to deep clean your skin, leaving it smooth and bright. 

Not sure if exfoliating regularly is right for your skin? Our guide can help you determine what's best for your grooming needs. Consider the benefits of body exfoliation and your skin type to help you make the right choice.

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